Beta Motorcycles

We are super pumped to announce Wilks Penny have now partnered with Beta Motorcycles New Zealand

These championship two & four-stroke motorcycles will fit like a glove alongside our beloved brands Kawasaki & Suzuki.


We've always been your "One Stop 2 & 4 Wheel Shop".  Now we're proud to say we're now your "One Stop 2 & 4 Stroke Shop" too.



RR 300 2T



The RR300 2T Racing is fitted with all the equipment needed to make it a truly race-ready machine, set up for any situation it’ll encounter during competition.

Beta engineers have focused on developing a high-end set-up, incorporating all those details that reduce weight and ensure even higher performance under all race conditions.


RR 350 4T



The racing pedigree of this version, the RR350 4T is for riders who are always looking for slashing weight, the Beta R&D department has once again decided to dispense with the automatic mixer in order to reduce bike weight as much as possible.


The 2021 RR300 2T, 2021 RR350 4T & 2021 RR390 4T Racing are here & need a new home.

More stock arriving.  Limited Numbers.

These world-class championship motorcycles are almost earmarked for their new owners before they arrive on NZ shores & make in-store.

Talk to us today to secure yours!

P: 07 871 3069


The RR Racing Range has all the same features that have enabled Steve Holcombe and Brad Freeman to dominate the World Enduro circuit over the last few years, winning several titles in succession.

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Other Beta RR Racing Models

The Racing family consists of 7 models: 125, 250, 300 cc 2T (2-stroke) and 350, 390, 430 and 480 cc 4T (4-stroke).

Talk to us today if you are interested in any of these models.  Contact Us


RR125 2T              $12,795

RR200 2T             $14,350

RR250 2T             $15,195

RR300 2T             $15,795


RR350 4T             $16500

RR350 4T             $TBA (Racing Model)

RR430 4T             $16,795

RR480 4T             $16,895

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EVO 2T 300CC




The new Evo brings even higher performance and reliability.

The new EVO 2T 300 CC Trial incorporates all the race know-how built up by the Beta Factory Team, ensuring all riders, non-professional and professional alike, can count on the best available technology.

This 4-stroke 300 cc offers a sound alternative to the 2-stroke versions thanks to user-friendly engine power delivery which is welcomed by riders and experts alike.

The EVO 2T 300CC is in store now at Wilks Penny Motorcycles and available to demo.

Contact us today to organise a ride.


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