Wilks Penny are Motorbikes and Motorbikes are their life.
We don’t do mediocre, we DO AWESOME!


Family owned and operated, Wilks Penny Motorcycles opened in Te Awamutu in May 2015. It was a lifelong dream of Off Road Motor cycling champions Ilana Wilks and Mark Penny who have worked and competed in the industry most of their lives. Both Ilana and Mark are Te Awamutu locals with Ilana growing up in Te Awamutu, attending the local College and both working for 15 years at Wilksbrooke Motors, founded by Ilana’s family over 37 years ago.

When it comes to Motorbikes Mark, Ilana and the team are debatably the best in the industry. With Motocross champions and lead technicians that other dealers ring for answers it’s pretty evident that Wilks Penny offers something very special and customers know they are getting the best advice and recommendations.


Establishing Wilks Penny this year has been an amazing ride for our team. We continue to outperform other Suzuki dealers nationwide month after month, claiming a few more Number One titles to add to the collection among the team.

At Wilks Penny Motorcycles we are arguably the most knowledgeable in the industry with many of our clients choosing to come back because of the years of experience we all have.

We are the Motorbike specialists and stockists of Suzuki & Kawasaki.


Mark Penny:

If you Google Mark Penny you’ll find endless photos and stories showcasing Marks success in the industry.

Mark Penny has had a stellar career.

Winning multiple titles, including Cross-Country National Champion many times. He's also placed 2nd in both Motocross Nationals & NZ Supercross too along with running Mark Penny coaching.

Not only is Mark a champion on the track, he is a qualified Automotive Mechanic and has extensive experience in Parts and Motorbike Sales at Wilksbrooke motors.

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Ilana Wilks:

As soon as you enter the store Ilana's personality is contagious and whilst she may not have as many Motorcross titles as Mark she is definitely a key ingredient in this power couples success. With extensive experience in managing service departments, bike sales has always been Ilana's baby and she is passionate about ensuring all of Wilks Penny's clients receive great advice and ongoing service.


Suzuki Awards

May 2016 – #1 Suzuki Dealer of the month

May 2015 – #1 Suzuki Dealer of the month

June 2015 - #5 Suzuki Dealer of the month

July 2015 - #5 Suzuki Dealer of the month

August 2015 - #1 Suzuki Dealer of the month

September 2015 - #3 Dealer of the month

November 2015 - #2 Dealer of the month


Service above and beyond, friendly, fun, informed! Couldn’t recommend highly enough!

— Marika Pollard