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Beta Motorcycles

Beta bikes are made in Italy with the highest quality components, guaranteeing to provide excellent performance, as well as the most ease and comfort possible while biking.

Beta Motorcycles are simply - the best championship bikes on the market!  They have been manufacturing bikes for technique and sport for over a century - since 1905 in fact.

Beta began with Giuseppe Bianchi who made bicycles. His son Enzo then met Arrigo Tosi while he was in military service, and they decided to work together. Over 100 years after its foundation, the company is still a market leader in the motorcycle sector.

The company’s great commitment to sport has brought them more world championship wins including many prestigious manufacturers’ titles too.

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The MY23 RR 2T & 4T range is made up of 6 different models, each with its own personality, to cater for the needs of a very diverse spectrum of riders. There’s the perfect RR for every rider, but what every model has in common is the ability to instil confidence in the user and offer a genuinely rewarding riding experience.

For a limited time, you can save up to $2,000 off any new 2023 Beta RR motorcycle thanks to the Beta Runout Sale!

4T Range:

MY23 RR480 –  NOW $16,600 ($600 off!)
MY23 RR430 –  NOW $14,995 ($2000 off!)
MY23 RR390 –  NOW $14,900 ($2000 off!)


2T Range:

MY23 RR300 –  NOW $14,100 ($2000 off!)
MY23 RR250 –  NOW $13,495 ($1905 off!)
MY23 RR200 –  NOW $12,995 ($1805 off!)

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