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Why I should get a motorcycle service?

motorcycle being serviced

A motorcycle service ensures that your motorcycle is in good working condition and helps detect if there are any potential safety risks.  Here are the top 5 things to check regularly on your motorcycle, either yourself or by a professional …


Oil is essential to be able to maintain a healthy bike. Without it, your motorcycle’s engine is sure to grind itself to death, but having even the slightest film of oil could prevent this (although your engine should have more than that at any given time). Your oil should be checked and replaced regularly – at least every 3 to 6 months to ensure everything runs smoothly and goes undamaged.


Every vehicle owner understands how crucial brakes are for your safety. By getting regular servicing on your motorbike you ensure that you aren’t at risk of potential fatal accidents if your brakes fail. We check, clean and lube brake calipers when servicing your motorcycle. Besides maintaining your brakes, we suggest checking your shoes and pads. 

Suspension, Bearings & Linkages

Correct functioning of your suspension, bearings and linkages is crucial to safety.  While these can be easy to forget about; water, dirt, mud and gravel can damage them over time, leading to a progressive degradation of your bike’s handling. The bearings aren’t easy to access, but by continually keeping on top of them you will be saving yourself expensive issues later down the road.


Tyres set to the correct pressure help them last longer.  A good habit is to give your tyres a once-over every time you head out for a ride, that way no damage, deflation or potential issues will go unnoticed.

Poor grip or a puncture for a four-wheel vehicle is not nearly as big of a deal as it is for motorcycles where those problems can be life-threatening.   Also, keep in mind that a tyre’s lifespan is typically 5 years.  If your tyres are over 5 years old or nearing that age, it’s best to get them checked by a professional. 

Chain & Sprockets

As chains and sprockets are exposed to the elements, they require regular checks, lubing and adjustment.   It’s advised to clean the chain every 1,000 – 1,500 km to ensure the best performance. When it comes time to clean, give it a spritz with chain cleaning spray and go over it with a stiff nylon brush, give it a wipe-off with a clean rag and let it dry fully before applying the lubricant. 

Every time you give it a clean also check the tension and adjust it if needed. Your bike handbook should have the details of the correct amount of slack needed.

It’s good to also keep in mind that your riding style does affect the chain and sprockets. If you enjoy a hard acceleration it will stretch the chain and wear down the sprockets quicker.

Levers & Cables

The levers and cables are exposed to the elements, so require regular checks, cleaning and lubing.  For the cables, you need to check for water leakage, flaying and any cuts to the cable’s rubber housing. 


Your life depends on the performance of your motorcycle so ensuring that everything is as it should be will protect your safety.  If in doubt, our experienced motorcycle mechanics here at Wilks Penny Motorcycles can help keep your bike in top shape for safety.

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